He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.

He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty.

Who we are

What for Davide Bassi is natural is to be in complete harmony with the horses, creating, in a very short time, a direct and intimate relation with them.

All this thanks to the most important meeting of his life with an elder shaman Lakota Sioux occurred when he was seventeen and studying in Australia.

He begins his journey of initiation as the American Indians related to the horses and the elements of nature coming into harmony and entering in symbiosis with this animal in order to be able to interact with it without any physical or mental coercion and ride without bits, reins and saddle, in complete freedom.

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Indian riding

The teaching consists in transmitting energetic, spiritual and practical techniques used by the Native Americans of the Great Plains (Sioux) relating to the horse and nature before the contact with the White Man, that is without using any means of coercion,so that it is possible to get into a deep empathic contact with the animal, so far to be considered its peer and then ride without bit, reins or saddle.

For this it is needed not only the technique but also the heart; reaching the essence of what you really are, allows you to get into direct contact with the horse and ride the thoroughbreds in the same way as the Native Americans rode the Mustangs.

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Non-profit organization

As non-profit organization, Aquila Nera saves race horses destined for slaughter as suffering from serious character problems or as they are not successful anymore.

Once purchased by weight of meat, they are recuperated through the American Indian Technique and then inserted into the herd in a semi-wild state under the strict monitoring of Davide and Monica.
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